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Hi there! I would like to recommend marriage agency to anyone who wants to meet his beautiful second half. Alan and Antonia were extremely helpful. It's obvious that they care very deeply about their clients, both men and women. I met my Luba here, thank you for all your support! Very Sincerely, Nathan

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About Us


TogetherForeverInt is a genuine product of an international family. After having successfully experienced the journey through which you are now embarking, we, Alan and Antonia Larsen are so pleased to offer our unique services to you. As may be the case with you, both of us have both passed through unsuccessful marriages and experienced the stress and emotional trauma caused by divorce.

After the divorces with our ex-spouses, we both earnestly wished to find true love, and had hope that it could be possible...and pondered the question of whether we we could in fact find genuine and deep, and rich and lasting love. We both knew that accomplishing this feat would certainly not an easy proposition....if indeed possible at all... Then we made the decision to give our best efforts to locate a person we could truly love forever…and who could return such love. To our great pleasure, our searches surpassed all of our dreams and expectations. We have had wonderful success in our quest, are now enjoying a deep, lasting and loving relationships as husband and wife...and wish to share our experience and expertise with you. We wish the same for you!

You may be discouraged because of failures and disappointments in your past, as were we. But we are here for you now and want to give you our best, sincere and caring support...and urge you to make the decision right invest the time and effort it takes to find the love of your life. It is possible! We did it!

So...start now! Life is so much more wonderful and fulfilling when two people are truly in love. We grow closer and more deeply in love every day. This amazing miracle is now a pat of our lives. Please let us help make this miracle a reality in your lives as well.

We pledge to you our very best, professional and caring guidance as you embark on this wonderful an fulfilling quest...of finding the true love of your life... It is sincerely our goal and dream...that you can find the same success and happiness as we...and that you may enjoy sharing a wonderful and fulfilling marriage with your beautiful truly in love Together Forever... 

Why create an Agency?

When Antonia was leaving Russia many beautiful and charming ladies who had been her marriage agency clients in Kursk, Russia, were fearful of what would become of them without her. They thought they may never have a chance to be happily married. Antonia promised these ladies that she and her husband would start their own agency in America, where there are so many good eligible men, and still have hope of finding a wonderful husband. So, now Antonia is keeping her promise to these wonderful ladies, and in so doing, many loving couples are coming together, babies are being born, and new families are being created in love... 

Antonia has a wealth of experience in coaching couples and individuals, and in helping develop wonderful, loving relationships because of her successful years as an agency owner in Kursk, and now the USA as owner of There are also strong connections with partner-agencies in Russia and Ukraine. Antonia also has many personal frinds and acquaintances living in those two countries.

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